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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

Count Zero wrote: View Post
Well, I'm intrigued but your TNG rule will probably drag ENT down considerably.
I'm not sure how it will turn out on Enterprise, but on Voyager it only happened about 4 or 5 times a season. Take an episode like Strange New World, on the surface I can see TNG doing an episode like that, but they gave the episode an Enterprise twist by including the human/Vulcan rivalry. Same for something like Shuttlepod One, it could have been done on TNG but it would have been an entirely different episode because on TNG they wouldn't have had the Trip/Malcolm dynamic.

Other things you could count are "Archer gets beaten up" and "T'Pol is right but nobody listens to her".
Oh, Archer getting beaten up sounds good! I remember that happening quite a few times, I began to feel embarrassed for the guy.

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
I'm not quite clear why you use TNG as The Barometer By Which All Things Are Measured, but hey, it's your thread.
I'm just using TNG as the measure because TNG was the direct predecessor to Voyager so that's what I've become used to comparing things against, but the rule is more general in that each of the Trek series should strive to be different from one another rather than rehashing old ground. Robotech Master said it better than I can in the Voyager thread:

Robotech Master wrote:
I sort of feel that way about the various Trek shows too.

That they should be different enough to actually justify the making of a new series. If they are just churning out the same old stuff then it starts to feel more like they are milking a cash cow and less like a creative, unique opportunity to write interesting stories.
Pemmer Harge wrote: View Post
Should be interesting, though I expect I'll disagree with you a fair bit. I've been watching quite a few episodes on TV and so far this is my least favourite Star Trek. I haven't given up on it yet, mainly because I want to see the episode with Andreas Katsulas.
If you're in the middle of season 2 then you're at what I would consider to be the show's lowest point, and I even considered giving up on the show at that point while it was on air. But the Andreas Katsulas episode marked the turning point for me, the final few episodes of season 2 were mostly strong instalments and seasons 3 and 4 went off in entirely different directions to the first two seasons. So hang in there.
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