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Re: Trek romances - the good, the bad, and the boring?

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I liked what developed between Sisko and Kassidy Yates. I felt that as relationships went in Trek, it was not only believable, but mature and enjoyable to watch.
I agree...that absolutely worked.

I hated Miles O'Brien's relationship with Keiko. She was whiny, rude and constantly disrespectful. Before somebody jumps me about saying "a woman should respect her man", that is not what I mean by that at all. I mean that in a good marriage, there is mutual respect. Keiko talked to Miles as though he were a five year old, and for a reason I can't fathom, he just took it. She knew she was marrying a Starfleet engineer when she got into that relationship. Harping and nagging on him about her career needs not getting met was just stupid, considering she made that decision.
Exactly. If a man acted the way Keiko did, was verbally abusive in that fashion, we'd be telling the woman to get out of the relationship. But because she's doing it, it's acceptable? Nope.

As for Miles just taking it...truth is, I think he had a very uncomplaining personality I think that with her verbal abuse, she took advantage of it. To me, his behavior was very, VERY much like a woman who cannot bring herself to leave that sort of relationship. I think a lot of the comments he made to Bashir, and the time that he spent with him, was VERY telling. He took refuge in that friendship.

I hated the Worf Jadzia pairing. No chemistry at all. Then again, I don't like Worf, so I don't think any pairing for him would've worked for me.
I disliked it too, but it was Jadzia I didn't like. Just like Keiko, I felt she was rude and dismissive of him and his values. Worf I could live with even if he's not my absolute favorite.

I wish they had let Andrew Robinson have his way about portraying Garak as bisexual. The friendship chemistry he had with Bashir was more interesting than any romantic pairing on that show. I wouldn't have even cared if Bashir didn't feel the same way because he was straight. Just allowing that issue to be aired would've been nice. Most portrayals of bisexuals I've seen in tv and film are either horribly campy and over the top, like the MU characters, or make them come across as manipulative psychopaths like in Basic Instinct. As someone who is bisexual and has known it pretty much all of my life, I find such characterizations insulting. I think Robinson would've handled it in a mature, interesting way, and I would've loved to see it.

EDIT: I think the reason I find the characterizations insulting is because so often film and tv writers use bisexuality as shorthand for "perverted" or "twisted", much like some authors will turn a character into a rapist for no other reason than to show that character is evil. It's lazy, and it's unnecessary. There are other ways to establish that without maligning an entire sexual orientation.
I think that could've been very interesting to see how they'd deal with a friendship, to see how Garak would deal with the realization that Bashir was incapable of returning his romantic feelings. If that could be done in a mature way, that would've been very interesting.
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