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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II Discuss/Grade Thread

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Yeah. So that's the first movie, and I liked it much more than this one. How am I doing so far?
You pretty much summed up all of my thoughts, too.

Regarding Zombie's sequel:

Why did he go to the concert and just happen to kill a random friend?

Why did he then go to the policeman's house, which was in the middle of nowhere, instead of sticking around the concert and picking off more random people? There was no reason for him to go there - this wasn't his old house, he didn't follow Laurie to her new house - he should have no idea Laurie was staying there at all. There was no Halloween 2-type news announcement that Myers just happens to hear, saying 'Laurie Strode, who is living with the sheriff, says happy Halloweeen!' He just "appeared" where he needed to be to put the main characters in danger.

Combine that with Loomis "appearing" at a random shack with no location given, where every earlier indication was that he was in another state (or at least hours away), and you say, "Wait a minute." You can try to excuse things individually, but when you have a bulk of silly bullshit happening in the movie, it is harder to apologize things under the rug. Even in a horror movie, where silly bullshit is to be expected.

If you say he "just happened to go to the concert," then too much "just happened" that happened to get the plot to where it needed to go. If there was a purpose, it was an undeveloped/explained purpose, which is also bad.

The movie seemed to maybe indicate that it was because Michael's mom told him to kill all of Laurie's friends (and her old boss) to turn Laurie. But then again, this makes Michael's mom supernatural, which is introducing a supernatural element halfway through the movie out of nowhere.

Guh. Rob Zombie, you are not a good filmmaker. Cut your losses with The Devil's Rejects (which is barely mediocre), and go back to making shitty music.
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