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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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No, "Tressaurian Intersection" was ambitious and in the end I think we'll have exceeded our goals in some places and doubtless will be judged to have fallen short in some. I certainly would not have wanted to see us settle at the outset for any less than we've attempted, though.

If anything, I don't think my script was ambitious enough, in terms of the drama. The project grew radically during preproduction, and having seen the result of what so many people were able to put on the stage I wish I'd reached a little higher (certainly wish that I'd gone through another draft and done some deep cutting in places). In retrospect I'd certainly have focused a bit more on one or two of the featured actors.

Polaris (Starship Polaris: Phaidros on alternate days, depending on my mood), despite our radio silence, is moving forward remarkably steadily right now. I just got back from a meeting with our lead actor (who's also one of the producers) and our Director of Photography. We're on the verge of casting the remaining two pivotal parts with a couple of folks that I really like, will start set construction in a few weeks and (knock on wood) will settle the arrangements for our soundstage shortly thereafter.

I hope to have specific announcements to update the news blog with before the end of this month. I know I keep saying that.

I just have to say, I've watched TTI, and personally think it is the finest example of ST fanfilm yet... the whole bit with the Tholians, and the way you recreated the Tholian itself... utter perfection.

I don't really feel anything fell short... yes, things were noticeably better in TTI, than in the first Exeter episode, but that's to be expected, even in real TV... I mean, look at TNG's first season, compared to its third and fourth.

Keep being ambitious! I love Exeter, and you guys (or you) are doing things totally the right way. I don't mind waiting for new episodes, or parts of episodes, if the quality is high, because I'd rather have quality and substance over something rushed any day.
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