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Re: Trek romances - the good, the bad, and the boring?

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I was one of those who didn't see any sparks between Riker/Troi. Kind of bland.
I agree. Zero chemistry! Trek writers really sucked at writing romance, with the exception of Paris / Torres.

Data / Tasha - my favorite ship ever! Nuff said!

Worf / Dax were kinda okay, but they never made me care much about what happens to them. I personally couldn't care less if they had babies, or ended up divorced.

Kira / Odo I never liked. It was too weird for my taste.

Kes / Neelix - OMG, that had to be one of the worst TV romances ever. He was old, ugly and annoying, she was young, pretty and intelligent. Who the hell came up with that pairing? FAIL!

Chakotay / Seven - that wasn't even a romance, that was, like, "lets give Chakotay some booty, since we robbed him of character development."

Trip / T'Pol - had huge potential for a kick ass Romeo/Juliet story. Ton of buildup that eventually went nowhere. A perfect example of "don't write romance if you don't know how." Pitty, I like Manny Coto in general, but with this, he really failed. Epically.

Spock / Uhura [ST XI] - I like this romance quite a bit, I must say. Bob and Alex really took me by surprise with this one. That scene where Spock calls her Nyota in front of Kirk was one of my favorite moments in the movie. I just hope they don't screw it up in future films.
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