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Re: Piper Perabo: Genre babe of the week #37 (Sept. 2009)

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Up. I can never figgure out what you guys want. She's perfectly hot-looking. She does have an oddly changeable look, but that should be a bonus for an actress.

But mainly I vote on the basis of whether an actress is someone I'm interested in seeing in something, and Perabo qualifies. She's going to co-star in 2010 with Christopher Gorham TV series named Covert Affairs on USA where she plays a novice CIA agent. I'm hoping for less Alias and more 24 in the approach.
Bad Temis. That's not the basis we're trying to judge people on here. I don't burst into genre hunk of the week and vote Joe Flanigan down because Atlantis sucks!
I play by my own rules!
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