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Re: Why no half ranks?

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Memory Alpha has some sort of a crazy fixation about a Bajoran rank they call "Field Colonel". It's completely baseless - it's not part of the episode dialogue, and has no proper real-world equivalent.

Several european nations had the rank of Field Marshal, it was the single highest military rank, just below the political commander in chief.

I don't think we ever heard of a Bajor general or admiral. Maybe field colonal IS the highest rank they have.
Possibly, considering how limited in size and scope the Bajoran Militia appeared to be in the wake of the Cardassian occupation. It seemed to have limited, local law enforcement and internal security functions and relied on small units for the most part. Most small armed organizations like that that don't qualify as full-fledged "armies" don't have general/flag officers because of their limited manpower.
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