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Re: Star Trek: Online

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In any case, we can still use the original parts. I wonder if it will be possible to tell the more 'dedicated' fans from the players who are less familiar with the franchise purely by the ship styles that they sport.
Probably not. Customization is a very big deal in MMO's for obvious reasons and many people, even "dedicated" fans are going to want to make their ship their "own"... and customization is a large part of that.

Besides, pretty much every chief engineer we know from Trek has fiddled with and changed bits of the ship's internals. Only difference here is that you'll see a visible difference! I think it's great. The big space MMO now, Eve Online, has lots of part customizations for your ship... but there's never a visible difference so everyone using the same base hull looks the same. They get around that by having a ton of different hulls to choose from... but this is Trek and most people are going to gravitate towards the same ships. At the very least, it'll help make the game look a little more diverse after everyone makes a beeline for a Galaxy-class

I'm not happy with this!!!! I'd like to be able to walk around my own ship, chill out in ten forward and check through the computer library etc in my spare time, like when traveling between planets or orbiting planets with nothing to do! Maybe practice my combat in the holodeck...
And you will! Just... not at launch
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