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Re: Piper Perabo: Genre babe of the week #37 (Sept. 2009)

This is a tough one. She's very strange, almost as if she looks like a different person in each picture.

In pic #2 it's kind of a Jennifer Garner vibe.

In the bench picture I think of Jenny from Forrest Gump... and I don't think it's soley because bench = Gump, though I'm sure that helps trigger the idea to some extent.

I'm sure those comparisons might be tenuous to some, so I'll stop there, but there are actually quite a few more... am I just crazy? Do I need more sleep?

I don't know, she just doesn't quite click for me. I think the high resolution on her face in the very last pic kind of seals the deal. Looks pretty used up there.

If this was in the Coyote Ugly days, with her nice and young, and with a sexy look that suits her I would vote yes.

But the reality of today is that she has declined to a Thumbs Down!

Oh, and "Piper Perabo" is possibly the most annoying sounding name in history. Just the name "Piper" is bad enough, but when you bust out the alliteration like that? *sigh*
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