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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

Thank you so much! I am really glad to see that something Sigils and Unions worked for ya...I kinda thought I'd lost ya!

I'm especially glad that Dukat thinking back on all he's been through in his short life so far worked out for you. I was worried I had too many memories! So that's really great feedback.

I really find myself thinking that what he was remembering is a pivotal moment that perhaps our canon Dukat never had. My personal theory is that all versions of Dukat have the Cardassian genetic equivalent of bipolar disorder...the question is, how do they confront it? Or do they? With as drastically different as my AU Dukat's personality is, especially in later years, I figured the divergence had to go way, WAY back--even to the moment he was born, but certainly what happened in his teenage years, too.

I think there ARE still a few similarities to the Cardassian society that we know, even in this, though yes--it's wildly different. The way the leader/follower relationships work is still the same in the most underlying sense, though it's not abused the way the canon Cardassians abuse it. That's why the Castellan, Prefect, and Inquisitor might sound a little more...demanding, or bossy, than you might expect a human authority figure to do in a crisis situation like that. I think Cardassians do instinctively want leadership to have a bit more of a firm hand, especially in a time like that...though in the SigCat society, that's balanced by many more freedoms, to prevent leaders from going too far with it.

I do expect to continue this at some point, but admittedly this story is going to be a bit of a slow mover compared to The Thirteenth Order.
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