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JustKate, I use audio books on my iPod. If you load any audio CD iTunes will boot up automatically and you can import it into your library and then move it to an iPod (if you are, in fact, using iTunes).

And if you really get into it, you can subscribe to, which is like NetFlix for audio books. I used them for awhile and gathered a number of nice SF books by some of my favorite authors. I also love podcast novels. Check out, especially J.C. Hutchins' "7th Son" novels. There's some fabulous SF/fantasy material out there (and it's free)!

Well, I started my serious diet & exercise program. After checking out a number of different programs, I settled on Turbulence Training, which several people I'm acquainted with have recommended. I did the first workout yesterday and I really liked it ... the best part is it takes quite a bit less time than my usual routine. Plus they have a $4.95 trial offer. We'll see how it goes in a few weeks!
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