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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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At the very least, you've inspired me to watch Voyager again and catch up on the episodes I missed. I hope you can live with yourself
Misery loves company.

And thanks again to everyone for their kind words, hopefully most of you will continue along in the Enterprise thread, but if not then I can understand why.

Once more with feeling:

Season 7 Review

There's a very standard looking graph; it goes up and down, up and down, I don't have all that much to say about it. The average score for the season was 4.792, slightly below average but up a tiny bit from season 6. The trendline is going down very slightly, but like season 5 this was a very consistent season in terms of quality. It certainly wasn't as bad as I remembered it.

Your standard bell-curve with a bit of a tail on the high end. There was a lot of average or "meh" episodes, but there was no episodes I considered to be outstandingly bad this season, and Author, Author stood out as being very good.

13 episodes were below average, 4 were average and 7 were above average, which almost makes this season seem more terrible than it is.
Best episode: Author, Author
Worst episode: Q2

The Writers

I'm only going to take a look at this season's results this time, the final results for the writers will come in my overall series review. It is interesting to note that the writer I considered to be best this season was James Khan with a score of 5.75, but since he only wrote those four episodes in all of Voyager's run he falls one short of being included.

The best included writer this season was Raf Green who returned to write three more episodes that gave him a score of 5.667. After him is Bryan Fuller who bounced back from a disastrous result last season to score a respectable 5.333 out of 3 episodes. Sussman joined the staff this season by writing four episodes with Phyllis Strong, a writing partnership which I believe will last throughout Enterprise's run, and he scores an average 5. Biller took over as head writer but only earned a score of 4.75, while Michael Taylor takes another knock back to 4.5. Robert Doherty recovers a small bit of ground to score 4 out of 5 episodes. But the two losers this season were Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky; Braga only wrote two episodes to score 3.5, while Menosky mirrors his debut on the show by only writing 1 episode this season and that episode scored a 3 as opposed to a 7.

What Would TheGodBen Do?

Brannon Braga and Rick Berman are off in their offices together giving life to Enteprise and Joe Menosky quits because he is tired of me making fun of him even though he's actually a good enough writer. Berman fears Kenneth Biller because his elbow clicks, so he hires me as the new head writer. How would I have done things differently?

At this point in the show it would be far too late for me to remake it in my image, the best I could hope to do with this final season is to get in touch with these characters and give them a proper send-off. I think that the final episode should have devoted 20-30 minutes of showing Voyager's triumphant homecoming, we can watch Voyager land in San Fransisco properly and see the crew disembark into the arms of their families and friends. One thing I thought I was going to hate about season 7 was the two-way communication with Starfleet, but that actually threw up some good scenes and I think that is one thing the final few episodes could have used more of as a means to wrap up the character arcs.

I do like Brannon Braga's idea of the final season being a tragic one for Seven where she ultimately has to sacrifice herself to get Voyager home. There is something poetic about the girl who never wanted to be human eventually becoming one of us until she makes the noblest decision she can make. It is one of the things I sort of like about Data's death in Nemesis, but the way it was executed in that movie made the whole thing seem kind of stupid. And if it would have achieved anything then at least it would have replaced the awkwardness of C/7.

There were some things about season 7 I really liked for the most part, the big one being Shmully's arc about fighting for holographic rights. It could have used more work to explain some of the details about how it is that holograms manage to become sentient, and Flesh and Blood desperately needed a different second part. Another good thing about season 7 was the B'Elanna/Tom coupling, which I admit I was dubious about at first but it turned out some of the best episodes of the season. These two characters came a long way since Caretaker, I would have never believed when I first saw Voyager that they would have ended up as they did, but it worked quite well.

In Summation

This was the season where I gave up on Voyager while it was on air, and it gets a lot of criticism from fans of the show, so I was surprised to find that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It had too many filler episodes, and there did seem to be a lack of ambition, but there was some very nice character pieces mixed in that helped to buoy the season up. Not a bad season, but a little disappointing overall.
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