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Re: The BOURNE Continuity!

1402 HOURS

"It is not power that I use lightly, or without regret, but I will use it without hesitation. I want you to understand this as I state my purpose.

"Centuries ago, Humans invited non-Humans to stay on Earth after First Contact had been established. Since then, the planet has been overrun with non-Humans that have insinuated themselves into Human civilization and stunted Human development, which is actually a violation of the Federation's vaunted 'Prime Directive.' This situation is unacceptable. Earth is the Human homeworld, and it is time Humans reestablished their dominance over their parent world.

"To that end, I am issuing the following directive: All non-Humans inhabiting the planet Earth must be removed to either their own homeworlds or nearest habitable worlds outside the Solar System. Of course, I understand that this will mean repatriating millions of sentients to other star systems, so I will not impose an arbitrary deadline for completing the task. However, the repatriation must begin within the next seventy-two hours.

"If, at the end of that time, I've seen no indication that you are complying with this directive...I will destroy the Earth. If the Human Race may not have Earth exclusively to itself, then I'll see to it that no one will have it. Humans will start over on a new world, one not dominated by other races who will bend Humans to their will and their values.

"Three days, or the United Federation of Planets will need a new capital world." The woman called April settled back in her chair and closed with, "Thank you for listening, and please, do not hesitate to carry out my demands."

The President of the United Federation of Planets touched a contact on the display, freezing the image of April on the screen. She then rubbed her eyes and tried to think. She was tired. Her security force had literally grabbed her from her bed and spirited her away to an underground bunker when the first warnings about the Barb had come in. She was still there, meeting with her cabinet via holographic telepresence. They had all been scattered to different shelters in the hope that a single catastrophe would not eliminate the whole government.

The President raised her head and turned to the gathering. "Can she do it?" She asked.

The Science Advisor, A gray-haired Vulcan, answered. "A similar impact anywhere on the planet Earth would have disastrous effects on the whole ecosystem, while impacts at certain points would mean extinction of all life on the surface. Yes, Madam President. She can do it."

"The people on the Moon were lucky that there's no natural environment at all," The Home Secretary, a Human, chimed in. "With no atmosphere to contain and transfer the effects of the explosions..."

"Lucky?!" The Defense Secretary, a Tellarite, raged. "You call what they're going through lucky?? A thousand confirmed dead, more than ten thousand injured, and both those numbers are sure to rise as rescue efforts continue!"

"I read the report too," Home shot back, "but if the Moon had had an atmosphere everybody would have been dead immediately, and there wouldn't be anybody for rescue efforts to save!"

"What about the flooding here on the planet?!" Defense bellowed. "Should the people we had to fish from the tides consider themselves lucky that they weren't killed by Cochrane radiation?"

"Gentlemen," The President said. She wanted to move on. "How do we stop her?"

"We can't give in to her demands," the Justice Minister, A Betazoid, said. "Especially something so heinous."

"I wasn't suggesting we do that," The President said. "What can we do?"

"We can hunt her down and kill her!" Defense growled, pounding his fist on an invisible table for emphasis.

"That's a great idea," the Foreign Minister, a Deltan woman, said. "Do you have the first clue where to look?"

"The Barb was one of the ships that disappeared last week, and intelligence is sure that the ready room she was in was one that you'd see in an explorer. An Ambassador and a Sovereign - two explorers - are also missing. I've got every available unit searching for those ships. I'll bet my damned life that if we find those ships, we'll find her!"

"And then what? We just snuff her out?" The Foreign Minister said.

The Science Advisor agreed. "Would it not be a more appropriate goal to bring her in and have her stand trial for her actions?"

"More appropriate, maybe," Defense said, "but it might be impossible in the three days we have before she throws another one of those ships at the planet!"

"Then let's defend the planet," Home said. "Recall all those ships you have searching and set up a perimeter here. Destroy the next one she sends in."

"And if the next one has life-forms aboard?" Science said, making everyone turn to him. "I doubt, after today's events, that we are dealing with someone that would be against using...what is the human term? Human shields. Of course, any sentients might be suitable..."

Defense pounded the invisible table again. "Dammit! We can't worry about every little thing that might happen! This is a living world we're talking about! Billions of life-forms!"

"But we're also talking about Starfleet Officers," Justice said, "who we spend years training to resolve conflicts, not just kill the bad guys. And any Starfleet officer worth the name would want to save the the hostages and the planet if they could."

"But what if they can't? The Barb came in too fast for our normal safeguards to do anything. What if she sends all her captured ships back at once?? What if they all contain hostages? One hit would doom the planet! We can't afford to let that one ship through, for any reason!"

The President began to pace. "The Valkyries didn't stop the cutter at all. How could we be sure even a perimeter of starships could intercept starships on suicide missions?"

"They'd have the best chance if they were captained by sentients who won't hesitate," Defense reiterated.

"And it's unlikely you'll find any that won't," Justice replied. "Most of our veterans are tired of war, tired of killing. They'll all want to find another way."

"Then they'll waste time they won't have."

"What about Continuity?" Home asked. "That was the codename, right? Could we use that against this...April?"

Defense grunted. "The major systems have been fully integrated, but not tested."

The President was intrigued. "Could it be ready in three days?"

"I'll have to ask Admiral Janeway, but it is doubtful."

"Ask. And recall those search ships while you're at it and set up that perimeter. Their orders are to destroy any ship showing similar hostile intent without hesitation. I'm a Human Being too, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I'll not have some racist terrorist dictate who should live on my world and who shouldn't."

The others disappeared with a chorus of "Thank you, Madam President," leaving the President alone with her thoughts. She turned to look at the face of April.

We thought we were done with people like you. The last great gasp of human xenophobia was Terra Prime, active in the early days of Alpha Quadrant cooperation. It had mainly been through the efforts of human beings that Terra Prime had been defeated. Apparently, their cause had not been forgotten. April had decided to take it up.

The President balled her fists. You won't win. Not while I can do anything about it.
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

-Admiral James Greer

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