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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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Saw this somewhere else and thought you guys would like the link. Its the Funny or Die short that Zach was filming a few weeks back - haven't been able to watch it myself yet so can't comment on whether its actually funny.

Warning: Listed as "not safe for work" so probably bad language and other possible naughtiness.

Hostage: A Love Story
Definitely not safe for work, but well-acted and worth watching. And funny.

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It's totally sick and demented in a funny and almost sweet way.
That's a pretty good capsule description.

Partial credits here at IMDb. I'm hoping they'll fill that out a bit.


Article (E!Online) [Note: He gets one thing wrong -- the girl Zach takes hostage is played by Roberta Valderrama, not Rachael Harris, who I think may be playing the girl at the bar.]

Article (Just Jared)

Article (TV Overmind)

Edit, again:

Poster: (Click to embiggen)
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