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Re: The BOURNE Continuity!

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But Pluto isn't a . . .
Planet? Yes, I know that. I called it what the scientists who made that determination called it when they first went public with the finding: a minor planet.

'Course, I could just go with the stock Trekkie Ficcer answer: [Trekkie]"It doesn't matter if it's scientifically accurate because (reverent gasp) It's about the characters![/Trekkie].

But I won't, 'cause that's not me.

Barbie . . . Barbra Streisand . . . Barbara Eden . . . Barbara-Ann?

Oh yeah - barb like on a fish hook . Got it.
It's named after an american submarine...y'know, like Albacore, Scamp, Bluefin...ya seeing my point here?

A strange but seriously entertaining tale here, Admiral2. A ship on a suicide run to the dark side of the moon. Who knows what might happen? It could crash into a nuclear waste storage site, setting off a chain-reaction that could hurl the moon out of its orbit and into deep space!

Er, or not.
Not this time, but April's got more ships so... [shrug]

Still waiting on the Bourne guy to show up, but I'll be patient. For now.
Keep waiting. We're not even out of the first act yet.
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

-Admiral James Greer
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