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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Re TTI, I hope xortex didn't think I wasn't implying it was too ambitious. On the contrary, I was saying that given how hard it was to make TTI, I think Atlantis was too ambitious in scale as it required many more sets, characters, makeups, props, etc. than TTI.

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Why are you producing and doing it yourself instead of selling it to be produced?
I won't speak for Dennis, but if this question were put to me I'd say because
a) it's very difficult to sell a TV show or movie
b) even if you make the sale, there's no guarantee the people you sell it to can/will get it made, and
c) if they do get it made, it probably won't be made the way you wanted it...they put up the money, they'll make what they want of it
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Lots of people wouldn't watch it if it were on CBS. It's shot like a 60s TV show and features mostly amateur actors...
And yet "Diagnosis: Murder" worked...
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As did Nash Bridges and Walker-Texas Ranger.......
Neither of which were shot like 60s TV shows, you weisenheimers!
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