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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

Vektor, your work is excellent. You've taken the classic Enterprise, added a few more details, and made it a work of art.

One thing I always wondered during the original series, is what if a ship parked above the Enterprise? There were no phasers up there to shoot them! I like how you added the phasers top and bottom of the saucer, and the torpedo tubes as well to give a defined point of exit from the ship. Have you considered the aft torpedo tube and also possible placement of aft and engineering phasers as well?

As to lighting the ship, possibly for continuity's sake, the spotlight approach could work for most of the ship's registries except on the nacelles themselves. As for those lighting methods you showed on page 9, I'd have to see 'em in space to see which looks best for the ship.

I enjoy this thread and hope to see more of it!

...and if you have time, I have a TOS-Movie era gunboat that could use a render...

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