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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Yep. That's terrific and terrifying all at once!!
Make sure you create backups CTM! You don't want to lose all that hard work.

Now as a gamer I would like to think that files of this sort might be applied to some sort of game engine as a installable mod. I've always wanted to walk around ALL the corridors of the Enterprise and just go exploring and have no part of the ship cut off to me. Perhaps some of you have played the Simon and Schuster Interactive Technical Manual... or Voyager's Elite Force expansion? Both of them have free tour mods which are enjoyable in their own right, but to have every deck, every room, every crawlspace available for exploration. Well, that's as close as we're going to get to being aboard a Starfleet vessel.
Well, every time I work on it, I check in the changes to my SVN repository (I am a programmer by profession, I use the tools at my disposal), and I have all of it stored on a RAID5 storage drive. Periodically, I back up my entire repository to DVD (or multiple DVD's if necessary - it isn't yet).
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