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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

I am not a problem poster and I am not the problem this forum faces. The problem this forum faces is the attitude of many posters and their aggressive style of posting.
It's these posters and their attitudes toward others in this forum that has made me choose to no longer post topics. Thread after thread after thread in here get's destroyed and it's always the same people responsible for it's destruction.

If you believe that I am a problem poster than you should feel happy that i'm no longer posting any threads. Enjoy your Sci Tech forum.

What I will find interesting is whether all those people who came into Sci Tech to post in my threads are ever seen again in any of the other Sci Tech threads now i'm not posting threads.
You complain your precious Sci Tech forum is being destroyed, well let's see how much you post in it from now on shall we.

Scout101 wrote: View Post
Biggest problem, IMO, is a refusal to either support the idea, or adapt it to the situation as it develops. Once you've been told WHY there would be a problem, it's more productive to discuss the problem, figure out ways around it, or if it is worth correcting, rather than insist you are right and everyone else is a moron. If someone with knowledge in the field being discussed tries to help (Electrical Engineers in the magnet thread, for example), better to try and learn something rather than insult people, insist on being right, and that the physics of the situation would change dependent on the scale of the magnet. From there, you can improve the idea, incorporating the new information, or scrap it as a non-starter and move on.
Firstly I don't insult people and I especially don't make out other people are morons. Secondly I made clear in the pyramid thread I was just curious as to the size of the thing and what problems it might face. At no point did I say we should build it and at no point did I say it was possible to build.
We saw one of the major problems that this forum faces in that thread, instead of people just discussing it they instead choose to troll me and belittle me. Making me out to be dumb because it would cost more money than the Earth has even when I said the whole point of the thread wasn't to say it should be built but just to consider how big something like that might be.
I found the discussion about the pyramids weight pressing into the Earths crust quite informative. It was an interesting thought exercise but certain people chose to cause trouble.

People need to stop pinning the blame on me and start looking in a mirror.

You think I am the problem? then I guess your problems are over now aren't they. Enjoy.

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