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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

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the problem poster has been told all of this repeatedly, and is either ignoring it or baiting/trolling at this point, so can't expect much to change.
There's a problem poster? who might that be then? do tell.
A perfect example of playing the Baiting game instead of taking some constructive criticism. Even ignoring what I've said, plenty of others have tried giving you tips towards more constructive threads...

Hell, you've vowed to not start any more threads in here, so you clearly realize that there's a problem. But you'd rather to continue to play games, which is why we needed this thread in the first place...

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An "idea" that's impossible to build (in terms of cost, time, materials, or understanding of physics), and/or has to benefit or reason to exist, isn't much worth discussing in a forum dedicated to discussing science and technology. As a lark in Misc, maybe. Just not here...
I have to disagree with this. There is nothing wrong with discussing something "impossible". The least of which reason is that how do you know it's impossible without discussing it first?
I think more what I meant by that is that it either provided no benefit, would destroy the planet, or cost more than the combined wealth of the planet. The pyramid to nowhere (well, a tiny chunk of the way to space, to be fair) is a good example of all three.

Biggest problem, IMO, is a refusal to either support the idea, or adapt it to the situation as it develops. Once you've been told WHY there would be a problem, it's more productive to discuss the problem, figure out ways around it, or if it is worth correcting, rather than insist you are right and everyone else is a moron. If someone with knowledge in the field being discussed tries to help (Electrical Engineers in the magnet thread, for example), better to try and learn something rather than insult people, insist on being right, and that the physics of the situation would change dependent on the scale of the magnet. From there, you can improve the idea, incorporating the new information, or scrap it as a non-starter and move on.
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