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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

Like they say in school: If you want partial credit, you HAVE to show your work!

if you're on the right track, and it can be identified where the problems occured, it can be corrected. if your final answer is wrong, you refuse to back it up, and only assert that you are correct, you fail.

A good start to any of these threads would be to provide at least ONE of the following:

-Is it possible using the current understanding of science?
-Would it be possible by making a small leap from current understanding?
-Is there a benefit to the suggestion, or a reason to do it?

Any of those would be of value. An "idea" that's impossible to build (in terms of cost, time, materials, or understanding of physics), and/or has to benefit or reason to exist, isn't much worth discussing in a forum dedicated to discussing science and technology. As a lark in Misc, maybe. Just not here...

then again, the problem poster has been told all of this repeatedly, and is either ignoring it or baiting/trolling at this point, so can't expect much to change.
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