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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I've been training a chimp to type as my replacement, but he was too good. I'm trying out a poodle at the moment but I'm not sure if he'll ready by the time I'm finished.

Renaissance Man (**)

SHMULLY: Voyager can survive without a warp core, but not without a Captain.
I'm fairly certain that should be the other way around. If Janeway dies then morale will drop, but Chakotay has proved himself to be a competent commander during the times when Janeway was away and should be ready to step up the the plate. If the ship doesn't have a warp core then they're dead in space with only reserve power and they have no replacement available. Poor Chakotay, even Doctor Shmully forgot about him.

I was quite pleased with the ending for Shmully's character-arc in Author Author, so it works against this episode that his story now has this additional coda which doesn't make much sense. There's some fun to be had as various actors play Shmully, and the chase sequence has some fun moments, but ultimately there is not much to this episode. I found the worst part to be the two Hierarchy villains who fit perfectly into the "stupid evil" template and the "stupid good" template. And once again this season Janeway refuses to punish Shmully for his actions.

One thing I found telling was during the confession scene as Shmully thought he was going to die; all but one of his confessions was made up purely for that scene. His keeping a record of Janeway's questionable actions, his not liking Kim's saxophone playing, and his revealing of Tuvok's space gonorrhoea didn't mean anything, the only thing with weight was his confession of love to Seven. It made me think back to the end of Scrubs' first season as Jordan revealed to the group the various secrets and rivalries which had built up over the year, I prefer that scene.

I forgot to count the shuttle lost in Natural Law, I believe this is the last one.

Shuttles Lost: 16

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