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Re: Aurora Class Slipstream Prototype

Allrighty... I have worked pretty hard the last couple of days to give you this:

The Spine.

This core is a combination between a normal warp core and the slipstream core seen in Hope and Fear; litteraly. As said, this is the first generation, meaning that with the switching of the crystals (detailed in a former post) the energy output changes as well, necitating in two seperate PTC's: one for regular plasma, two (above and below the original PTC) for the transport of the Benimite focused stream.

I am not sure yet how to show the plasma globe-like discharges in the core but I'll get there eventually. The entrance is 3,5 meters high, though I'm not sure yet how it translates to the deck layout once I install it (very bad: I haven't checked it just yet) so perhaps I'll have to make a risen platform in the beginning to let them allign properly. Anyway, enjoy, and please give me C&C on this one. If I'm correct, this will be the first modelled Federation slipstream core so I could use all the help I can get
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