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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

Everyone...Act 3 (the final act) of "Power Source" will be out tomorrow!!! I appreciate all of the patience the fans have had with this release.

Now, for a bit of house keepings about this episode and the next:

1) There have been some comments on some other boards with fans 'surprised' there was a swear word (hell) in Act 2. Just to be clear...while these are cartoons, they are aimed at fans that watched the original TAS back in the 70's. While a homage to the original episodes, they are written for today and for the Farragut crew. As such, I recommend screening it if there is a concern about the content BEFORE showing to your kids. Act 2 has the aforementioned "hell" in it, and Act 3 has two instances of "damn" in it...One to describe that 'damned planet', and one as an expression of anger. I am all for artistic license and free speech, but I am also making sure I do full disclosure of these words just so there are no surprises.

2) A full review of the episode can be found here:
Please note: Fred (the reviewer) makes a comment about the ending in this review, so if you want to be surprised, please read the review AFTER you have seen the whole episodes.

3) If you will be at DragonCon, the full episode will be shown there. In addition, it will be the first opportunity to see a trailer for "The Needs of the Many"...the next episode written by Jack Trevino and myself.

4) A shameless plug: If you enjoyed these episodes, get a TAS portrait of yourself from Kail's web site:, or order a T-shirt from our official site:

These episodes were very fun to make: I got to spend time with folks like Chris Doohan, Chase Masterson, Tim Russ and Lou Scheimer, and it gave NEO f/x an opportunity to have a small place in history by putting together our own fan-film. I hope everyone enjoys watching them as much as we had putting them together.

I will make an announcement here when we release Act 3.
Michael-NEO f/x
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