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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

What annoyed me last week in the 'Big Bang' thread was the amount of people demanding answers, when I asked them "answers to what?" they said they wanted me to post a reply to their posts.

That's all well and good wanting me to post replies but just what gave them the right to demand an immediate reply? what gave them the right to speak to me in that manner and fashion?

It was a thread to discuss the Big Bang, it wasn't a thread where you post an answer then demand me to reply and then when I didn't reply immediately, start to pull me down for it.

Was I in some kind wrong for asking questions on the Big Bang? I can't even get to grips with just why the thread went downhill. Can nobody have a mature and polite discussion on the Big Bang? it went from a couple of people posting interesting stuff on the big bang to an array of people demanding I post immediate replies to them. When I said I would reply in my own time even more hell broke loose.

It's these types of attitudes that this forum does not need.

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i dont want to derail this thread but though i dont always post in your threads TS they are quite thought provoking sometimes enough to think 'hey thats a good idea'
Hey thanks.
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