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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

Squiggy wrote: View Post're posting in this forum.
What do you mean? I said I wasn't posting anymore threads, I didn't say I wasn't posting IN threads.

Here i'l re-quote my last post for you:

Tachyon Shield wrote: View Post
I refuse to post any more threads in this forum.
Glad I could clear that up for you so there's no confusion.

EDIT: Oh and in my last post where I said about the bigotry that was about Deckerds post, not about the quote from Jadzia.


Jadzia wrote: View Post
tachyon shield wrote:
Too many people forget where they are. They forget they are in a forum on a Star Trek Science Fiction message board and somehow get the delusion they are the ultimate scientists and that we are all located in planets Earths ultimate Science academy.
Science isn't based on status, so this first remark isn't relevant. Eminent scientists have the distinction that their work hasn't been done before, and that it adds something significant in the grand scheme of things. But anyone can do science.
That's my point exactly, you've took what I said back to front. I am saying too many people think they are the ultimate scientist and that someone such as me has no right to even suggest something different or new.
If it does not conform to their own scientific understanding or limits then they assume the high ground.

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