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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

tachyon shield wrote:
Too many people forget where they are. They forget they are in a forum on a Star Trek Science Fiction message board and somehow get the delusion they are the ultimate scientists and that we are all located in planets Earths ultimate Science academy.
Science isn't based on status, so this first remark isn't relevant. Eminent scientists have the distinction that their work hasn't been done before, and that it adds something significant in the grand scheme of things. But anyone can do science.

If a person wishes to express an opinion they have a right to express that opinion whether it's in Misc, General Trek Discussion or Science & Technology. Too many times though someone will express and opinion and everyone demands links to support it as evidence.
This in itself is completely stupid. A person cannot always support their theory or opinion by the use of internet links to internet websites.
I agree only as far as an opinion doesn't need proof, because it isn't trying to be anything more than an opinion. But while I am open to freedom of expression, I feel there is some general etiquette that should be respected here, because this is a sci-tech forum. It isn't misc. It certainly isn't tnz.

An assertion is something different from an opinion. "X is true" is an assertion, and it does prompt for evidence and proof. It reads very differently from "It is my opinion that X is true". It evokes different reactions from readers.

Controversial assertions can appear arrogant and presumptuous.

I'm tempted to say that opinions are alright as long as they are clearly presented as opinions. People with opinions should make an effort to not derail discussions, and in return, they shouldn't be hounded for proof. Assertions on the other hand should only be made if you can provide evidence for them.
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