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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

Too many people forget where they are. They forget they are in a forum on a Star Trek Science Fiction message board and somehow get the delusion they are the ultimate scientists and that we are all located in planets Earths ultimate Science academy.
It's time to get back to reality, you are nothing more than some person sat at a computer getting angry and irate over trivial matters. Why anyone would choose to get angry and irate on a Star Trek Science fiction message board over someones opinion on an area of science confounds me.

If a person wishes to express an opinion they have a right to express that opinion whether it's in Misc, General Trek Discussion or Science & Technology. Too many times though someone will express and opinion and everyone demands links to support it as evidence.
This in itself is completely stupid. A person cannot always support their theory or opinion by the use of internet links to internet websites.

We can come here to discuss many things and they do not require the provision of links all the time. Where does it say that links or evidence must be provided? what makes you think that the rules here in Sci Tech differ from the rules in other forums?
Anyone can come here and offer their opinion on a subject and then leave, it is only you who work under the assumption that links and evidence must be provided. If the person with the opinion wishes to provide links then they can, it they don't have any then they can't provide them.
If they cannot provide them it does not mean you have the right to belittle or troll someone for it, they still expressed an opinion and had every right to do so. If the person expresses an opinion and is unable to provide links then you should accept that and move on, not troll them.

Also if the OP of the thread still stands by their own opinion even if others disagree with them then the OP has every right to do that, why should the OP conform to other peoples opinions??

The OP can start a discussion off, that's all it is though a discussion, it's not a thread created for the purpose of other people to change the OPs belief or opinion. This is where the problems are, everyone trying to argue with the OP to make them change their mind instead of understanding that we are only here to offer our own opinions and then move on.

That's all you need to do, offer your own opinion, by all means debate it but do not under any circumstances believe that it is your job to make someone change their mind, it is not your job to flame or troll someone because they do not conform to your way of thinking.

I've noticed a lot of people treat Science as a religion and treat this forum as their own personal church, they come in here and if anyone comes out with an idea or opinion that these people believe Science does not agree with they start foaming at the mouth and become aggressive.
It's almost like going to a deeply religious person and telling them God does not exist and the fireworks start flying.

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