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Miral Tal'Aurai
Romulan Simm

A message to all those wanting to serve the Romulan Star empire.

The recently commissioned IRW S'Task is looking for a crew willing to and capable of furthering the power and glory of the Star empire.

We're looking for new and/or experienced simmers alike, who'd like to play something else instead of the typical federation.

Although the ship is newly comissioned, it flies under the wings of the obsidian fleet, a long running Simm community with over 1100 active characters serving on 80 ships, so we have lots of experience in the world of simming.

sub-commander Miral Tal'Aurai

If you're interested in Simming on the S'Task, go to take a look around and perhaps sign up.

For more information on Obsidian fleet and it's many ships. check out

commander Miral Tal'Aurai

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