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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

One of the problems with recent threads can be boiled down to:

+ Person A posits problem. It;s a bit nebulous or beyond current technology or sheer impractical.

+ Persons B to K explain why the idea won';t work, some being a little derogatory,.

+ Person A gets huffy, says it will work and everyone else is wrong.

+ Persons B to K reiterate their positions, a little more heatedly.

+ Person A expresses the opinion (in various guises) that no one in the forum knows anything, except them.

+ Insults and heat begin..

Can we legislate against silly questions? Not really, and sometimes good discussions break out, against all odds.

What we might be able to do to mitigate such timewasting is an acknowledgement form Person A whether they are going to do anything with the answers provided by/ agree with the other posters, rather than just stubbornly hold a line.

If not, shut it down. Poster A might get the point that they need to interact, not lecture from a podium of non-knowledge.
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