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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

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I also resent posts that are more metaphysical in content be used for more scientific conversations.
The current regime has stated (for the record) that debate about the philosophy of some scientific theory is allowed. For example, take the "Do You Want To Live Forever?" thread. It initially disappointed me as most of us just wanted to talk about the philosophy and ramifications of life prolongation and infinite existence, and less of the science behind it, although I understand this changed later. Besides, this also brings us back to those Arthur C. Clarke quotations I posted above about thinking about the impossible.
To clarify, I have no problem with that. I am more referring to things like "God created it" type posts. A metaphysical thread is different from a metaphysical rebuttal in a non-metaphysical conversation. Especially if it progresses to the point of ruining the original conversation.
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