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I never thought Alias got as bad as was made out by a lot of people. I wish more shows had the balls to tell their story and then tell a new one if they feel the show can carry it off rather then stretch out the story till it's stale and boring... Not that it really worked out that way with Alias, but still they seemed to at least try.
I think they were right to wrap up the initial storyline, because it had gotten stretched past all credibility by that point. Okay, so Sydney finds out she's working for an eevill organization and she has to pretend to keep working for them while actually subverting their efforts on behalf of the CIA. Sure, fine. But what that means is, every single time she was sent on a mission for SD-6, she arranged for it to fail in some way, or to substitute a fake McGuffin for the real one so SD-6 wouldn't get any useful tech or information. So from Arvin Sloane's perspective, every single mission she went on was a failure. So why the hell did he keep sending her on missions???? After a few months of this, tops, he should've decided that she was either a mole or a complete incompetent. It had just become impossible to sustain the original concept any longer. If anything, they dragged it out longer than they should have.

The problem is, they were kind of forced to switch gears midstream by network dictate -- a rare instance where the network's notes were dead on the money -- and since it happened so abruptly, they weren't really able to come up with anything really good to replace the original storyline with. So while ending it was the right thing to do, they were unable to follow it up effectively.

I felt the biggest mistake they made was abandoning the half of the show that was about Sydney trying to live a normal life, having friends and a social life and a facade of normality to balance out the wild, over-the-top spy stuff. I think that was another thing they brought back in season 5, that element of normality to give the show an anchor and provide respite from the larger-than-life action and intrigue.
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