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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

^ Who are you again?

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1) The obvious re-use of the Federation fighters for the Nightingale - and I do mean obvious. DS9 had so many on screen in the later seasons, how were we supposed to not notice?
Well they did change the colour and made it bigger, but it was very obvious, yes.

Generally agreed, but I did think Keegan de Lancie was shag-worthy, despite disliking Q2 the character for the most part.
I'm afraid I can't agree with you on that one. John de Lancie maybe, but only in the Q-judge costume.

(By the way, just who the hell were the Pelosians, Baezians, or Chenari? Were those names actually in the dialog, because if so, would it have killed them to use at least one real TOS alien race name?)
I'd give the episode a pass on those because they were apparently towards the end of the five-year mission and we only saw the first three years. They could have referenced some aliens from TAS, but that would add weight to the idea that that show should be part of the canon, which it should not.

Generous of you.
I'm a very generous person, but only on very rare occasions.

Homestead (***)

I know that some people have objections to Neelix leaving before Voyager reached Earth, but to me is makes a lot of sense. Neelix was never on Voyager to get to Earth, he joined the ship because he saw an opportunity for a better life than scrounging for scrap and he stayed because he made a life for himself. But I always wondered just what he was planning to do once he got to Earth, so having him meet a group of Talaxians and having that trigger in him a desire to be with his own kind works fine for me.

What are Talaxians doing 40,000 light-years from Talax? And how did Voyager manage to stumble across them one day? Valid questions, but I'm willing to ignore them as necessary contrivances for the story.

The episode is a bit slow in places and I don't like Janeway breaking the PD because she's "just helping a friend", as if that's a good excuse to give to a judge. But what this episode does well is serve as a good send-off for Neelix and if an episode can make me feel sad about Neelix leaving, then it must be doing something right. So I'll stick with my tradition of awarding Neelix episodes three and a half stars.

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