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Star Trek Online - 10th Fleet

I would think that by now that most every Star Trek fan has heard about the Star Trek Online MMO, and if not her is a quick intro;

Star Trek Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that is set in 2409, a time period in which things have become a lot less friendly. At launch, a date which has not yet been set, the Federation and Klingons will be the playable factions, and the treaty between them has broken.

As with any MMO there are going to be guilds, fleets in STO. And one such fleet is the 10th fleet, and

Tenth fleet is promising to be a great group of people with the goal of working together to gain the most they possibly can from Star Trek Online. We are just the fleet to offer that. Our plan is to focus on all aspects of the game as equally as possible with each type of game play having its own "department."

By doing this we will be able to offer everyone an equal opportunity for game progression no matter what their favorite things to do in game are. For example....

If you have played MMO's before you know that farming is a key objective. If your play style revolves around farming then the Department of Fleet Resources and Logistics is the department for you. This department has been tailored to fit the needs of the players who love to farm.

Remember that we are here in the hopes to progress as a group of like minded people. If the fleet is not progressing then you are not progressing. Having said that it is our goal here at the Tenth Fleet to inspire our members to put the fleet first and fore most. By doing this we can ensure that no matter what everyone is getting what they want to enjoy Star Trek Online.

I encourage you to either fill out an application or drop a line via Private message to either myself, Fleet Admiral Jonathen Zander, or any of our department heads.

Remember the old saying that says,.... the sky is the limit... but I say this

We are the Tenth Fleet of Starfleet, the sky looks up to us!!!

Please Join
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