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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Showtime (premium cable) is the only option where the show would have a half-decent budget, and not be immediately cancelled. CBS might work for an occasional mini-series or 'special event' movie.

SyFy/Spike would have lower production budget than Enterprise, although it might work for a secondary animated series.

UPN spent 10 years unsuccessfully trying to build a younger male audience around Trek, CW probably wouldn't repeat that experiment.
Two of my fav shows are Eureka on SyFy, and Burn Notice on USA. Eureka isnt flooded with FX, it has great/good plots and well thought out charactors. And that might be the best future for star trek. Junk the casual FX and the giant space battles too. Burn Notice on USA isn't sci-fi, it's a comedy drama, but it show what kind of shows USA can put on with a limited ( under two million ) budget. Plus I only get basic - plus cable, and I want to see the show too!
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