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Re: Gene Roddenberry interviews

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I wouldn't be surprised if there was some archival footage of Gene.
I hope it is not just other soundbites from this:
Sept.27, 1988 interview with Gene Roddenberry screengrab:
from To Boldly Go ... Season One (SD 18:58)
that was on the TOS season 1's HDDVD & Blu-ray.

I doubt there's a lot of new stuff for them to find with Gene, so anything included will likely be stuff we've seen before.

Some of that Sept.1988 interview with Gene was on the TNG season 5 disc 7 'Tribute to Gene Roddenberry' that was 30 minutes. It appeared to be shot on 16mm color negative film (slight grain, occasional white dust spots) so perhaps they retelecined it at HD for use in this HD featurette on the STXI Bluray...
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