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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

SmoothieX wrote: View Post
Leftover pizza baby!

OK I totally slummed it. But we're getting the remnants of Danny here today, so I have plenty of inside time to whip up a feast tonight.
My thoughts, exactly. Thinking of making my famous (okay, in my own little world) Merlot pot roast, with horseradish mashed potatoes. It's just that kinda day, isn't it?

miraclefan wrote: View Post
Home made Hot dogs. The oscar mayer ''bun-length'' all beef franks are the best.
LOL! When you said "home made" I was picturing you with a meat grinder and stuffing the casings and the whole thing. I was set to be SO impressed. Oscar Meyer is good, too, though I prefer Nathan's or Hebrew National, myself.
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