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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

I like the ones from TOS tv show, and the ones from Star Trek Wrath Of Khan all the way to Undiscovered Country. I think the ones from TNG tv show are cool too, but they look uncofrtable. I have the one from TNG show and its a whole one piece suit, I like it but it real uncomfortable around the neck area. The neck area the costume is way to tight, and I don't like that. And another thing is its a real pain to get on and off, and when I'm wearing it, I'm always adjusting it. So I defently know what all them felt like when they had to wear ones like that all day. I also have the costumes like from the new movie, I have the gold captain's shirt and the blue science commander shirt. I don't mind wearing those as those are more comfortable than my TNG costume.
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