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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

This film is being shown on the Space channel right now... it does have a certain 80s B-movie charm. And I gotta admit, the final scene is effectively freaky -- I kind of wonder what happened in the aftermath (presuming that Cochran's plan came to fruition, as the ending seems to indicate it does).

Incidentally, there's a completely unrelated movie coming out next year called Season of the Witch -- I say we boycott it for daring to use that title! Who's with me?

I find it more than a little interesting that we're here talking about this mostly-forgotten pseudo-sequel from 1982 when there's a brand new Halloween movie out today. I haven't seen a thread on that one... I guess nobody's that interested. I may go see it in a couple of months -- when it's actually close to Halloween! That's provided I can find it playing somewhere by then, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I think I'll be more in the mood to watch it in October, personally.
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