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Re: Borg Origin

I tackled Borg history at length in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine. (It's issue #20, has Patrick Stewart and a drone on the front cover.)

Yes, Destiny does offer an explanation for the Borg. Without going into great details, certain events about 6,000 years ago gave rise to the Borg.

However, I think that's also incomplete. Some novels have referred to the Borg as being active as early as two billion years ago. Clearly, both can't be right, can they?

I think they can work.

The Borg could simply be a natural evolutionary end to certain humanoid species; throughout time and space, different species merge with their computers, and create something Borg-like. In time, these Borg-like races could come together.

Or, the Borg pre-existed Destiny's revelations, and whatever was created in Destiny was, ultimately, assimilated into the Borg Collective. Personally, that's the sequence of events that I favor. (Specifically, I believe the Borg Queen arose due to that assimilation; there's evidence in Destiny for that viewpoint.)

But, if that's so, then what created the Borg?

Well, I worked out an origin. And it's really, really cool. Unfortunately, I couldn't use it. I hint at it, though. Bioweapons. I think the Borg were a bioweapons project gone horribly wrong, a weapon built for a war that they outlasted.
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