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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I finished (I think) my CGI work for Exeter last week as well...Only one more compositing shot from my side and I will be done as well....

Dennis...if Jimm is talking into the mic soon, see if he would be interested in recording a line for me...At least Ken can then brag he has a producer credit in the next episode

Just in fun, Ken

Lots of fun, Michael. Made my evening. Hey, if the producing thing doesn't work out for me, could I do The Voice Over? I've been looking into voice acting over the last couple weeks. People have told me all throughout my professional career that I have a great voice and should get on radio. I've done a lot of public speaking and I have a good deep resonant voice. I've been finding out, like any good line of work, that it takes a lot to break into this field. I'm trying to find the way to make myself a demo. Anyhow, if the producing thing falls through, maybe I could be the voice of this mysterious Captain who saves the day!
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