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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

If I'm still alive in a year then I might do TNG too, and then I might do TOS to finish things off. But no TAS, I've watched that once and that was quite enough.

Natural Law (*)

I was a bit confused while watching this episode, most episodes last around 44 minutes and I didn't understand why this episode was allowed to run for over 50 minutes. Then I looked down at the clock/timer on my DVD player and saw that I was only 35 minutes in. There was another act to this thing?! Time had lost all meaning to me.

I found it to be such a dull episode that is derivative of so many other Trek episodes; a shuttle crash, primitive aliens, technobabble deflector shenanigans... this is a bunch of Trek episodes carved up and reserved in a not very interesting way. Even the final act where there is an actual issue to explore isn't interesting, I just wanted the episode to end so I could go back to wasting my life by zooming in on random locations on Google Earth (I'm bound to find a nude sunbather eventually).

Then there's the b-plot involving Tom getting flying lessons, but the actors apparently didn't get the memo I sent them informing them that it's not funny. An episode where Tom is confronted with his reckless piloting might have been a source of amusement, but instead the funny is supposed to come from a grumpy old man who has to get up 6 times a night in order to pee and he's taking his prostate problems out on Tom for no good reason.

But if there is one thing this episode had in spades it is the sexual tension between Seven and Chakotay. Seeing them together in this episode you can tell that these two are meant to spend the rest of their lives together, and the passion in their eyes is so strong that I was half-expecting them to jump one another and make sweet, sweet love in front of the whole tribe.

I think I just broke my sarcasm unit, I may not be able to use it in my final three reviews.

When Seven used the deflector to turn off the magic shield thing, do you think that the shuttle wing that was suspended on the shield fell on one of the primitives? Because I'd like to think that it did.
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