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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

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^ You know that's a good point. In a way though it was somewhat referenced in The Curse of Michael Myers. In Halloween 3 a character is mentioned named Minnie Blankenship, Mrs. Blankenship later babysits Danny.
Thanks, although, maybe one of the veteran crew has that name, and it just got thrown in a couple of times.

I see the villain's scheme the same way I see Rorschach's Journal. Its meant to accomplish a wide goal (informing the world, 'restoring' Halloween) but is more likely than not to become(in that fictional world) just another story of Halloween, just as the journal will become the stuff of conspiracy nuts. People in the H3 world will talk with one another (No, these kids really died that way!) but some will say 'I heard they all got severe encephalitis from bad water'.

At least in this one, the villain was mortal. Unkillable killers need not be clever, which causes their writers to follow suit, at least IMHO.
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