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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Apparently Vienna and Celtic have some kind of history together?
Oh yeah.

Unfortunately I'm too young to have seen it live, but the game(s) against Celtic 1984/85 are legendary, an important part of Rapid's history. It was a year when Rapid had a very strong team (they got into the Cup Winner's Cup final where they lost to Everton) that played several other legendary matches too - like winning 5:0 at home against Dynamo Dresden after losing 3:0 away!; and apparently Celtic did too (at least their fans claim, they'd have won the cup if it weren't for us cheating bastards )

So Rapid won the first leg at home 3:1; and after that the stories differ.
- According to Celtic fans, in the second leg Celtic was ahead 3:0 already after playing a furious offensive game and deservedly was on their way of advancing to the next round when one Rapid player dived to the ground feigning injury, claiming something hit him and Rapid cheated their way into a repeat match on neutral ground (in Manchester) which Rapid ended up winning by sheer luck after Celtic had hit the goal bars a number of times already. So according to them, basically Rapid stole Celtic's European trophy.

- According to Rapid fans, Celtic was ahead 3:0 only because the referee was completely on their side, and let them do whatever the fuck they wanted, playing extremely brutal, that the crowd was making trouble all throughout the game (in a way that's far worse btw than what happened recently at West Ham, and that's pretty clear from the videos imo); and Rudi Weinhofer was hit by a whiskey bottle to his head - not the first such incident. In the match in Manchester then, the atmosphere again was extremely loaded and violent against the Rapid players (no Viennese fans dared to go there openly...) check out this video for example, but a brilliant strike by Peter Pacult - the current Rapid coach! - saved the day and Rapid went on to reach the finals.

Take your pick which side you believe.
Don't be a douche.
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