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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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You realize that from now on, whenever I read your posts, in my head you're going to sound like Professor Farnsworth.
W-wha? Why must you do that? I blame Wernstrom. WERNSTROM!
Do you by any chance have your AV at a larger size? Id love to use that as a wall paper
Not substantially larger, no. I googled "Farnsworth Avatar" and got the background picture, and then took an Enterprise linedrawing, inverted it, and inserted it in place of the chalkboard. Took me under 5 min.

I was playing around with importing my WIP into blender last night (actually playing around with getting blender installed on my new system) so I don't have anything new to show as of yet (except the AV, which doesn't count).
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