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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

I like this film personally, i've never been a Michael Myers fan, and whilst Halloween is groundbreaking in ways, and an interesting watch from a historical POV it is also not the best example of it's genre by any means. And viewed in the context of it's own legacy, it's actually quite an average boring slasher flick IMO. So frankly the absence of Myers is unimportant to me.

Halloween III presented a nice little idea, and carried it off fairly effectively. It was creepy, and bloody. For years though the only cut available on video in the UK was heavily edited for a 15 certificate, with scenes like the head wrenching and spurting blood removed entirely. It was always broadcast on TV in it's unedited version though, so I was pleased to finally be able to pick up an unedited DVD of it a little while ago.
So it goes.
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