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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I'm sorry, but that doesn't make any sense. star Trek is always changing. A good product is a good product. What Gene did could be done again with the right people. Classic Trek vrs nu Trek sounds like the coke a cola scheme. It turned out pretty good for them. I don't see how one produced version hurts another. Exeter is not looking to make money. Why can Buck Rogers make money and not Star Trek. I don't get it. It's the people who decide not the brass.
It's the owners of the property who decide, not the people. The "people" don't get to make money from someone else's Star Trek property any more than the "people" can decide to sell your car and make money from it.

We can make money from Buck Rogers because we've secured permission--that is, a license to the property from the owners of "Buck Rogers" to do exactly that. We can't make a single dime from Star Trek because we haven't secured permission--that is, a license to the property from the companies that own it. That's why it's free to viewers. We make the episodes and are obligated to get nothing in return.

Having different versions of the Star Trek universe out there might or might not be a good idea. But it would, of course, be up to the owners of Star Trek to decide what's best for Star Trek.
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