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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

Well, here goes...

Quite a while back, we were talking on this board about re-imagining the NX-01 "Akiraprise" (a thread I instigated, BTW) and there was another thread or two about pre-TOS ships, including endless discussions/derivatives meditating on the Daedalus.

I had been tweaking some other images seen in this forum, including some of Vance's cool Tookit parts, and came up with this...

Keep in mind, this is a very vague take on what an early Federation starship cruiser-class (maybe the Bonaventure?) could look like. This thread, combined with MadMan1701A's 3D artwork on a JJ-Kelvin-ized Constellation, and yet another "twelve like in the fleet" discussion that popped up in the "K'T'inga size" Trek Tech thread, got me to thinking.

Warped9, I really like what you've done with your photoshopped U.S.S. Valiant and U.S.S. Farragut, but I would've done it differently. I like how your took the Constitution-class shape and made it simpler and rougher for your Valiant and Farragut. You made a very compelling looking possibility for what pre-TOS Federation starships could look like, and I really could imagine your images appearing as historic ships in TOS. But I'm not keen on the warp nacelle pylons extending out of the interconnecting dorsal "neck" aesthetically or as far as design evolution. That's why the above image is closer to what I would want to see.

I do love what you've done with the de-evolved saucer, nacelles and secondary hull. I also enjoy what MadMan1701A did with his Constellation by using the JJ-Kelvin as a basis for design. It would be fascinating to combine all these ideas into one, using one of Matt Jefferies' early design sketches of the Enterprise as a base for such a project.

Using a simplified, bulky cylinder as the secondary hull in your Valiant/Farragut is really appealing. It suggests to me that the Federation Starfleet, in its early days, used simpler hull shapes because they may have been easier to design and build for mass-production, kinda like a "building blocks" approach. It also reminded me of Jefferies' crude draft sketch of the Enterprise. What would really be neat is if there were a way to blend the evolution of the secondary hull and dorsal-fit/neck shape with the legacy of the DYellow submarine shape, as with your 22nd/21st century starship images. What I envisioned was the secondary hull being a tubular shape that looked more like the DY ship types (a hull, of any kind, is, after all, just a housing) with the missile-like nose and the "conning tower" evolving into a connecting neck to the saucer.

The saucer would be a blend of the "NX-100" ship illustrated above and MadMan1701A's JJ/Kelvinized Constellation. I think it would be neat to give MadMan1701A's saucer an overblown uber-"Cage" style to it, with the saucer vertices topside and below becoming fat ant-hills, almost like an embedded sphere. To top it off, maybe the impulse engines weren't part of the saucer originally. As a nod to ENT, maybe the impulse engine room and engines were a seperate pod, embedded to the saucer hull where the "neck" joins, to form an "impulse deck". (Also a nod to "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

You will note in the "twelve like it in the fleet" digression in the K'T'inga Trek Tech thread that I suggested how starship cruiser classes could have evolved from the Bonaventure to the Constitution; I suggested some class names as a play on the "Constitution" name: Constitution ("Connie") being the most recent, preceded by Magna Carta ("Maggie"), Charter of Liberties ("Libby"), and Declaration ("Deckie"). This would seem to fit in with the evolutionary concept you are using with your Valiant/Farragut.

I could post more on this today, but I don't want to bore you with a novel.
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