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Liō: I thought he was a girl...

As one with a very low tolerance for depressive goth chic (crap like Emily the Strange makes me ill), I was surprised to find that, after with Pears Before Swine, Liō is my favorite current newspaper comic. Granted, that's not exactly high praise (go away, Family Circus, go away), but there it is. It may touch on goth subjects, but its jollity and good humor keeps it from being dreadful.

Thing is, I thought for sure Liō was a girl. If only to draw a clearer distinction between him and Watterson's Calvin, I prefer to think of her as a girl. Take this crossover comic, which I was again surprised to find amusing, giving my affection for Calvin and Hobbes:

Maybe it's me, but I think the strip just reads better with Liō as a girl.
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