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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

I an a huge fan of the original two Halloween's with Michael Myers, but after that they just got silly and weren't to scary. I am not a fan of Zombie's take on it, I rather liked how Michael in the first two was this ambigious force of evil, not a defined psychotic.

However Season of the Witch is a great Halloween (the night not the series) movie! I loved it and the actual plot is rather chilling! Child Sacrifices and they will go willing to it!

*sings* 8 more days to Halloween...Halloween ...Halloween...Silver Shamrock...

Followed by the nice fatherly Silver Shamrock voiceover reminding children to wear their special masks and watch the broadcast JUST for them...

The blinking pumpkin....

Ever since I first saw the movie and now as a parent...God the thought of just how MANY children they would get....even with just the one Network still showing it at the end....WOW


A timeless B Movie classic in its own right.

...Only in nightmares of those times. And yet always in my mind I seem to feel the creature is lurking somewhere close at hand, sly and irresistible and only waiting to be reinvoked for murder.
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